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COVID-19 Information

COVID Announcement

Abstract Plan

With  a successful Fall 2020 season and COVID vaccines on the rise Lenox Youth Football Club is determined to provide a safe outlet for youth soccer in our county.

Specifically, in regards to COVID-19 we will use all precautions available to provide the safest environment possible on and off the soccer pitch. We will continuously monitor all guidelines from the CDC, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, as well as local health guidelines and adjust all COVID regulations where necessary. We will additionally remain cognizant of the state and town COVID data reported by the state. Our main goal is to provide structured soccer activity for our teams in a closed practice setting. Dependent upon the previously mentioned guidelines, this may stay as only a practice only sessions or may grow into a model that would potentially include games against other local teams.

Detailed Reference Links

Mass Executive Office of Energy and Environment Affairs, Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Activities Phase IV, Step 1:

MassGov COVID-19 Case Data:

Mass Youth Soccer Association COVID rules and guidance:

Mass Youth Association Youtube Instructional Videos:

Mass Youth, easy Parent Lookup for New Rules

Rule Highlights

Below are the highlights of some of the new rules we will start to enforce to help encourage everyone’s safety. LYFC is planning to follow all MYSA rules on COVID safety procedures. In some cases, out of an abundance of caution these are more strict than the state guidance. We ask for your co-operation as we try to keep our athletes as safe as possible, while others may play games against other teams in BCYSL.

General Procedures

  • If you are feeling ill in any way shape or form let your coach, an LYFC Board Member, or the LYFC COVID Officer know immediately, prior to coming to practice or into contact with anyone else.
    Symptoms of COVID19 to be especially cognizant of are:

 Fever or chills
Cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Muscle or body aches
New loss of taste or smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting

  • If you’ve previously exhibited signs of COVID19 and have taken a test that came back negative, you must wait 24hrs of no issues before returning to practice/games
  • When getting dropped off and walking to the field, and while putting on your gear, masks must be worn if 6ft of distance cannot be maintained. This includes parents/guardians that need to pick up their offspring and do not stay in their vehicle.  
  • No masks required if 6ft of distanced can be maintained going to and from the field.
  • When getting ready or taking a water break, you should do your best to stand 6 feet apart from your teammates.
  • When sitting on the bench, a mask must be worn only if 6ft distance cannot be maintained.
  • You cannot share snacks, water bottles, or masks, etc.
  • Please go out of your way to make sure that every single day you are fully prepared for practice. If you do not have your own equipment, mask and water, you will not be allowed to practice.
  • There will be no hands-in cheer, before or after a game.
  • No spitting on the field, or any playing surface.
  • No hugs, high fives, or other celebratory closeness/touching after a teammate scores a goal. It will have to be from afar.

Practice Procedures

  • Attendance will be kept every day to maintain contact tracing.
  • All player’s gear and water must be placed on it’s own social distancing dot (9ft apart from each other). 
  • There is no mask mandate for players while on the field,  playing soccer during games or practices.
  • When doing drills that have you standing in lines, please be aware of your space, and social distance whenever possible (coaches will assist with spreading out these lines).

  • There will be no huddles of any sort
  • Pinnies (or “scrimmage vests”) will be single-use and not shared, and washed between every individual use.
  • If Goalies spit on their gloves they will have to be removed from play and sanitized

  • Benches/bleachers will not be used during practice. They may be socially distance used during games

  •  Only essential personal only can be at practices. These are defined as athletes, coaches, medical personnel/athletic trainers, and officials (competition). All others (i.e. managers, photographers, media, etc.) are considered non-essential personnel and are not to be on the field of play.

  •  All players should try to avoid touching their face whenever possible

  •  It is highly recommended and encouraged, all players thoroughly wash their hands when returning home from practice

Game Procedures (to be followed for league play, scrimmages, and friendlies)

  • Fans must wear masks on the sideline if 6ft from another family group cannot be maintained.
  • Coaches  and refs are not required to wear masks unless on sideline and 6ft distanced cannot be maintained. No mask requirement for them while running on the field.
  • Referees are not the COVID police. Coaches, the game’s COVID safety coordinator, and the LYFC COVID Safety Officer are responsible for patrolling this

  •  If a player comes within 6 yards of the refer to argue/talk about a call, it’s an automatic yellow card

  •  If a player comes within 3ft of the refer to argue/talk, it’s an automatic red

COVID Case Reporting

  • In addition to all affiliated youth organizations, LYFC will remain in close consultation with the Lenox Board of Health, the Tri-Town Health Department, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health should word of anyone with symptoms arise.
  • The LYFC COVID Safety Officer, along with the LYFC Board, will notify all teams and affected organizations, that came in contact or could have potentially come in contact with each other, should someone identify with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All COVID contract tracing data collected from games and practices will be held by LYFC for a minimum of three weeks.

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PO Box 21 
Lenox, Massachusetts 01240

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PO Box 21 
Lenox, Massachusetts 01240

Email: [email protected]
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